Health Care Insurance

Healthcare expenses not covered by government health plans can be covered by health care insurance this includes (prescription drugs, dental care, etc.).

This type of coverage is right for those who do not have

  • group insurance coverage
  • or they are self employer

Having your own medical plan is a smart way to fill the gap between those medical expenses that occur, but Govt. Health Plan does not Cover them and that are piling up on top of your everyday expenses .

You can choose to have health only or combination health and dental coverage or any other extended health coverage. Single, Couple or Family plans available.

Dental Care

Our flexible Dental plan options can add an element of certainty to what could otherwise be an uncertain set of costs. Dental coverage can be very basic, covering only routine preventative services, or it can be quite comprehensive, covering surgery and orthodontics.

Prescription Drug Plans

Our affordable Prescription drug plans available are designed to provide reimbursement for expenses related to the purchase of prescription drugs. Prescribed medication can be an expensive component of a family’s health care expenses. Putting a prescription drug plan in place is a way to manage those expenses. Prescription drug plans are available as stand-alone plans, but are also often bundled with health and dental plans.

Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) plans

AD&D benefits are normally based on a lump sum benefit. Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) plans operate differently from health, dental, and drug plans, all of which provide reimbursement for medical expenses. Instead, AD&D plans provide a lump sum benefit in the event that a covered loss should occur.

Health plan available with us also include other benefits like:

  • Vision Care
  • Ambulance Transportation,
  • Paramedical Services

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